Top 6 Montessori Reading and Language Toys on Amazon

Top 6 Montessori Reading and Language Toys on Amazon

We love playing with reading toys and have accumulated quite a few across the years. We often get the question on where to start with language in Montessori and what materials to buy, so we decided to put together a quick list of our favorites that are on amazon. These can be used for a wide variance of ages and would be a great addition to any homeschool curriculum. 

Product 1: Phonetic Reading Blocks

Here is why the phonetic reading blocks are awesome! Each set has a single vowel and four different consonants on each end. By twisting the beginning consonant, you get four different rhyming words, by twisting the ending consonant you get four different words that start with the same letter. This allows the child to learn the basic structure of words and begin to sound out new ones on their own. 

Product 2: Sandpaper Letters 

This Blog Post pretty much sums up why these sandpaper letters are great. There are so many options for making fun games out of these. 

Product 3: Grammar Symbols

Since children respond well to shapes and colors, Maria Montessori derived a system to represent grammar visually. The origins of each of these symbols is fun and is the topic of a whole other blog post, but their practical applicability for a wide variance of ages is wonderful. The basic premise is for each symbol to be associated with a particular part of speech. The noun, for example, is the black triangle. Once the parts of speech are tied to a symbol, children can begin identifying parts of a sentence with each shape. It is an ingenious way to teach a very abstract concept to a child. 

Product 4: Sentence Analysis Set

This Sentence Analysis Set allows your child to visually and tactally diagram sentences. Here is a quote from Maria Montessori on the topic: 

How different grammar will seem to the young pupil if, instead of being the cruel assassin that tears the sentence to pieces so that nothing can be understood, it becomes the amiable and indispensable help to "the construction of connected discourse."! It used to be so easy to say: "The sentence is written! Please leave it alone!" Why put asunder what God has joined? Why take away from a sentence its meaning, the very thing which gave it life? Why make of it a mere mass of senseless words? Why spoil something already perfect just for the annoyance of plunging into an analysis which has no apparent purpose?

I think she is saying that learning how to properly construct sentences from an early age is vital to communication and the continuity of learning. This set helps to do that beautifully and can be introduced at a very early age. 

Here is how to start using it. Write out some the sentences found Here and cut the words up into individual cards. Then use the diagram of the original sentence as your key in learning what each word's role is in the sentence. It is easy and hugely beneficial to grasp at an early age. 

Product 5: Grammar Boxes 

Grammar boxes go perfectly with the sentence analysis set and grammar symbols. There are tons of resources online for grammar box sentences that you can also use with the other sets. The common theme of all of these toys is tactile and visual interest in an abstract concept. This is how children become captivated and feel like they are actually creating at a young age. To use these grammar boxes, you start with the most simple box and create a sentence for your young one to place each word in the correct part of speech compartment. As you progress, the sentences become more complicated, but the colors stay the same. 

Product 6: Flash Cards

Sometimes, there's nothing better than a simple flash card game. Versatile and the backbone of learning basic sounds and letter recognition. Our daughter will play with these all on her own. We will hear her in her room sounding out each letter based on the object in the picture. 

All of the toys mentioned here are a great compliment to any homeschool classroom and allow for creative play and independence. Thanks for reading and please leave a comment if you have any questions. 


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